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Inproyen Group

We are an international business group of technical-scientific environmental consultancy and development of green or nature-based technologies. We promote research, development, implementation and monitoring of projects with a contribution of value and research for different sectors, aimed at an economic – environmental – social use.

We formulate innovative ideas linked to new business models, looking for the most sustainable alternatives with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach with the help of our team of professionals, made up of technicians and researchers from different international universities. Knowledge, circular economy and waste recovery are our basic pillars, which has allowed us to act in major environmental remediation challenges.

We offer consultancy services and development of I+D+i projects in different sectors hand in hand with the Inproyen international team, our partners and our Research and Technological Development Centre: Inproyen Consulting SAC.

Inproyen Consulting S.L. – Spain
Inproyen Consulting S.A.C. - Perú
Inproyen Solutions S.A.C. - Perú
"Technosols: transforming waste into tailor-made soils for environmental remediation"

awarded among the best social and environmental projects in Premios Latinoamérica Verde

Inproyen Chile S.P.A.
"Development of amendments based on agro-industrial waste to improve soils’ quality for blueberry cultivation in the region of La Libertad"

obtained the qualification of Technological Innovation Project by Concytec.

"Development of amendments based on agro-industrial waste to improve soils’ quality for blueberry cultivation in the region of La Libertad"

co-financed by Innóvate Perú as part of the National Programme for Competitiveness and Productivity of the Ministry of Production.

Launch of our ”Agrotec" product approved for use in agricultural production
Creatividad Empresarial 2021 Award organised by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences
"Sustainable recovery of degraded areas"

mong the 20 winners of the Call for Good Environmental Practices organised by the Colombian Space Agency and the Andean Community.

"Integral evaluation of different technologies for the prevention of acid mine drainage: alkaline treatments vs. green technologies",

with Gold Fields La Cima S.A., qualified as a Scientific Innovation Project by Concytec. 

ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 /45001:2018 Certification
Authorisation as a Scientific Research and Technological Development Center


Inproyen is an environmental consulting business group whose main activities are focused on the diagnosis of environmental problems; the contribution of integrated solutions based on R+D+i, proprietary technologies, and strategic management that promotes sustainability and circular economy.

The Inproyen Group is committed to offering services where quality, environmental protection, safety and health at work prevail. We are aware of the responsibility that falls on our company, for this we ensure the fulfillment of our objectives and we commit ourselves to:

  • Provide quality services, focused on satisfying the needs of our internal and external clients, improving our processes;
  • Comply with the mandatory and voluntary legal requirements applicable to our organization, as well as those expressed by our clients;
  • Protect the environment by carrying out our activities responsibly and rationally using our resources from the perspective of the life cycle;
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses, diseases, incidents and ill health;
  • Identify hazards to assess and control risks associated with jobs;
  • Guarantee the participation and active consultation of workers and their representatives in all elements of the occupational health and safety management system;
  • Promote a work environment focused on the individual well-being and team development of our collaborators by recognizing their effort, contribution and achievement;
  • Train, raise awareness and motivate our collaborators in terms of quality, environment, safety and health at work;
  • Achieve continuous improvement of the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system.


To seek economic, environmental and social balance in each project, optimising processes, managing resources in an integrated manner, reducing costs, recovering degraded areas and minimising carbon emissions.


To consolidate our position as leaders in technical-scientific and strategic environmental consultancy at an international level, as well as leaders in the production and marketing of differentiated products. We stand out for the quality of our services/products and for the satisfaction of our clients, collaborators, employees and


The comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision that characterizes our projects and services is based on a team of professionals from various areas of knowledge: biologists, soil scientists, environmentalists, civil servants, foresters, agronomists, geographers, miners, chemists, and architects (among others).

We are constantly searching for creative ideas that enhance our research activity, which is why we establish new alliances and include new professionals in our team on an ongoing basis.

collective responsibility

Each service performed by our team shows the imprint of Inproyen’s values, based on six fundamental pillars: respect, equity, evolution, cooperation, exchange and dedication, respecting at all times the confidentiality and security of our clients’ information and with the commitment to offer high quality work with innovative solutions.

In order to guarantee appropriate interpersonal relationships with organisations and clients, Inproyen follows a strict code of ethics which establishes guidelines of conduct that guarantee respectful and upright
interactions, avoiding discrimination of any kind and complying with the legal regulations in force in each
country in which we operate.






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