Advice for the implementation of organic fertiliser in vineyards – Galicia, España

Supporting study of the use of sewage sludge in the process of elaboration of Technosols, Green Soil Solutions. – España

Carbon footprint (CF) quantification for Servigest Gestión Empresarial, S.L.– Galicia, España

Diagnosis and integral support for the establishment of corrective measures for the correct operation of the closure covers in the waste rock dump 2 of La Arena Mining Unit, La Arena, S.A. – Perú

Carbon footprint (HF) and product carbon footprint (PCF) quantification for Tesis S.L. – Galicia, España

Applicability of Technosols in the closure of the Rio Tinto Project, Atalaya Mining – España

Accompaniment and quality control in the elaboration of the Technosols for the pilot deposit, Minera los Frailes – España

Justification for authorisation of Technosol as a product in the restoration of Riotinto for the company Tratamientos Ecológicos del Noroeste S.L. – España

Interpretation of soil quality and improvement alternatives for Albariño vineyards – Galicia, España

Socio-economic and edaphic project for the implementation of the Agra de Cazón agro-industrial business park, Ayuntamiento de Cabana de Bergantiños– Galicia, España