Diagnosis and integral support for the establishment of corrective measures for the correct operation of the closure covers in the waste rock dump 2 of La Arena Mining Unit, La Arena, S.A. – Perú

In this project, technical support was provided for the identification of sources and the generation of corrective measures for the
optimal functioning of the coverings already implemented in the mining unit, with the aim of ensuring the physical, chemical, hydrological, biological and quality stability of the runoff with the environmental quality standards for water or the chemical background levels of the environment.

To this end, the following activities were carried out:

  • Biogeochemical characterisation of solid and liquid materials present in DD2
  • Identification of predominant biogeochemical alteration processes and establishment of the sectors of greatest risk within
  • Evaluation of various specific remedial alternatives at a conceptual level
  • Design of a pilot and recommendations for implementation and monitoring
  • Technical-economic evaluation of the implementation of the pilot, allowing LASA to project the associated costs of implementation
  • Elaboration of scientific reports explaining and supporting the activities carried out in the different periods.