Acid drainage treatment using Techno-wetlands

This project had the following objectives:

  • Design of passive treatment systems using Techno-wetlands (reactive wetlands with Tecnosoles) at a
    detailed engineering level for their construction.
  • Design and formulation of the necessary Technosols for the improvement of the quality of acid mine
    drainage from a deposit of unsuitable material with high polymetallic load and acidity.

A total of 4 techno-wetlands were designed and constructed with different compartments interconnected
by a cascading system, adjusting to the existing topography along an old access to the mine pit, so that the
systems are properly embedded in the landscape. In addition, the design of the vegetation to be
implemented in each wetland was carried out, adapting it to its functions and the search for a complex
system with the capacity to evolve in a natural and sustainable way.