Evaluation and technical-scientific advice for the recovery and treatment of the materials present in the waste and pit deposits of Cerro Corona Mining Unit through Technosols and other green-technologies, Gold Fields La Cima S.A. – Perú

The objective of this project was to design a sustainable closure system based on Technosols, which allows for the treatment of
materials throughout the construction phases of the deposits, in order to minimise the generation of acid drainage and consequent dispersion of potentially toxic elements and in stages for the closure of both deposits and pits at Cerro Corona mining
unit (Peru).

  • The following activities were carried out:
  • Sampling and characterisation of existing materials in the deposits and components of the unit.
  • Evaluation of the risks and recovery needs, as well as internal materials that serve as inputs in the development of the
  • Implement sustainable technologies, which allow for the treatment of materials throughout the construction and component
    closure phases.
  • Generate added benefits: reinsertion of materials/waste into the economic flow, minimising carbon footprint, etc.